Andalusia Classico tour with these two “Special” Irish return customers, of course starts with a painful hangover after seeing a pretty good Cure cover band in Benalmádena on day one. Made it safe and sound to Motril after some great roads in the Sierra de Tejeda where we ran across a lovely Ferrari in the middle of nowhere. Tomorrow we go over the top of the Sierra Nevada ( the original one in Spain, not the one in Cal/Nev ) and into Úbeda/Baeza which is the olive oil capital of España! 

Day 2 starts back down on the Med at Motril then we twist and turn our way up and over the Sierra Nevada and two or three more mountains after that and finally land in Baeza. Along the way we meet fellow bikers, have lunch in the lovely mountain town of Torvizcon where the boys feed a local dog some leftovers from lunch and he kindly repays them by having a wiz on Barry’s jacket and David’s helmet. An unnamed member (initials are D.F.) of the group takes over the lead and eventually leads us into the lap of a Guardia Civil speed trap where we all end up with a nice souvenir (mine being the least expensive for some reason). Finally land for the night at around 8pm, get a quick shower and then out for a lovely dinner and a few drinks. Around 400 kilometers put in. Tomorrow is shorter, where we land in Granada, which is a city that has been known to provide ample hangovers to fellow motorcyclists in the past. Wish me luck!

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