Moto Rental

You can collect your moto rental from numerous locations. Either select your pickup location when booking or contact us to arrange collection.

We are located in Teba near Malaga but we offer a drop off service to a number of locations throughout Spain. If you cant see the location let us know and we will try to accomodate you.

Firstly your safety is the most important thing. Make sure you are ok then use the pack we provide with all of the emergency contact details.

Similar to the collection you can return it to our Teba location without charge or arrange for another drop of location with us.


We will be in touch in plenty of time before you travel but don’t forget your driving license (international if from outside of the EU), your passport, oh yes and your payment.

All of the routes are exciting but safe. We are not an off roading company. We see some fantastic scenery and travel some big distances but you will enjoy riding with us.

Thankfully that’s not too big of a problem in Spain although it’s not unheard off. Your safety is the most important thing to us. If you are unlucky enough to get caught in the rain then we take a break and sample some Tapas! What else would you do in Spain!

We ensure you are as safe as can be. All of our motos are disinfected when returned and we follow any local COVID protocols. You don’t have to wear a mask whilst riding and outdoors. You may have to wear a mask whilst indoors but this depends on the local advice but we are always on hand to guide you.  

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