The adventure. It’s about more than the route you take. It’s about the stories you bring back. On the Tiger 800 XR, you’ll bring back plenty. With cast wheels , 19” front wheel, hydraulically adjustable Showa monoshock suspension and a torque-laden 95 PS 800cc triple engine the XR is ideally suited both for long road adventures and every-day functionality.

Rider technology comes as standard with ride-by-wire throttle for improved response and feel, Triumph Traction Control and switchable ABS. Together with a chassis designed to exploit every ounce of torque from the triple engine and adjustable seat height for excellent comfort: you have the perfect machine to tackle the day ahead.


Adventure riding has a new pioneer

The Tiger 800XC is a slightly beefed up version of the straight Tiger 800XR, with spoked 21 inch front wheel, more travel in the suspension and better suited to Dualsport riding with a heavier emphasis on gravel and off road trails.

Making is debut in 2011, sales of the Tiger800XC have grown worldwide and I can see why – its probably the best midrange adventure motorcycle available today. With more power and bigger engine capacity than the 600cc-660cc and 750cc class bikes, even pillion riders are not an issue when it comes to having a heavy load the Triumph 800XC deliver smooth power in road and off road situations.

Again with Triumph’s inline 3-cylinder engine, the Tiger 800XC delivers silky smooth and vibration free touring, with the suspension to handle almost anything you can throw at it. At 215kg wet weight, its relatively easy to handle in the soft sandy terrain and has the long legs for those 150km – 250km tarmac stretches on your travels.

Tough. Rugged. Built to last. Loves the open road, devours the rough stuff. The one bike that can do it all, Tiger 800XC sets new standards in the adventure bike sector. With its big wheels and long suspension travel, the Tiger 800XC just loves getting its claws dirty. Let the adventure begin.