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Motohire Spain SL’s Terms and Conditions

By completing an online reservation / booking or by emailing a booking form, you accept these Terms and Conditions as a binding contract between Motohire Spain SL on behalf of yourself and your passenger(s), the participant(s) or customer(s). Motohire Spain cannot accept your booking without a signed booking form, or a completed online reservation. A written / emailed confirmation by Motohire Spain means that the company has accepted your booking.

On behalf of yourself and your passenger(s), you will be required to sign a Rental agreement cum waiver form at the start of the tour or rental period, in which it is accepted that motorcycling can incur risks and that you accept these risks by your very participation.

Once the booking and the dates are confirmed, a non-refundable 25% deposit (of the total price) will be charged. This deposit secures your places and motorcycles. We cannot guarantee any tour reservation until the deposit has been received. The balance of the total price is due at least 45 days before your due arrival date.

It is important to enter a valid email address and phone / Whatsapp number on the booking form. We correspond by email and increasingly by Whatsapp. Once your booking form has been received and your deposit processed, you will be notified by email.

Our agents and representatives are not a party to this contract, nor are they responsible or liable for failure to provide any service as may be described in our literature pertaining to the contract.

A security deposit of 1500 euros will be requested prior to the rental or tour beginning. The money will be held on a credit card or can be paid cash or debit card to the Motohire Spain bank account. This security deposit is equivalent to the Excess or Franchise that is demanded by all vehicle rental companies. The deposit will be released or refunded, as applicable, upon the return of the undamaged motorcycle at the end of the tour or rental.

When supplying your own motorcycle for use on a tour, no motorcycle insurance is provided by Motohire Spain and no security deposit is required by us. You must also pay for your own fuel. All other services of the tour and backup are included

The use of a fully insured bike (if using one of our motorcycles), a back-up support vehicle (for major tours of Morocco or Iberia), lead and support guides, hotel accommodation in double or twin rooms, or single rooms where a single supplement applies, breakfasts, lunch whilst on the route, evening meals whilst on tour (on some rest days we do not have a group meal), all parking fees, guide fees, all local taxes, ferry fees, local entrance and excursion fees, visas and immigration fees if required, and all toll roads and bridges.

Your personal spending money, drinks, fuel costs, personal travel insurance and your flight(s) to and from the tour start/end locations, plus any items not mentioned above as included.

We carry one piece of luggage for each tour participant in the support vehicle in the case of the bigger expeditions. Items of an immediate or personal nature such as passport, money, camera, suntan lotion, etc. should be carried in the motorcycle’s panniers and / or top box. Motohire Spain will not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or delay in delivering baggage to tour participants. Any loss, damage or delay incurred by the company due to circumstances beyond its control should be insured under the client’s own travel insurance policy.


If you cancel your tour or rental more than 60 days before the start date, you won’t lose your deposit. We prefer to offer the possibility to change the tour / rental date or tour to another  within 12 months from the originally planned start date. Another option is to transfer your trip to another person at no extra charge. If you cancel the tour within 4 weeks prior to the tour start or during the tour, no refund is possible. Trip Cancellation Insurance is strongly recommended.


In the case that a motorcycle rental cannot start or is interrupted once started, for motives of Force Majeure outside the control of Motohire Spain and the client, as could be the case of a natural disaster, prolonged strikes, world health alerts, war, etc., company policy is:

  • If the rental has not yet begun, Motohire Spain reserves the right to hold all money paid by the client for the rental at the moment of cancellation and apply the full amount as a credit to be used towards a future rental.
  • If the rental has begun and has to be interrupted, Motohire Spain reserves the right to hold all money paid by the client for the rental and apply the proportional unused money as a credit towards a future rental.

You may make one change to the passenger or pillion without charge. Further changes to passenger or pillion names will incur an administration charge of €100 per name change. You may assign your tour to another rider at any time up to 1 calendar month before the start of the tour.

In the case of rentals up to and including 6 days, there is mileage limit of 300 km/day. Every kilometer above this 300 km limit will be charged at a rate of 0.35 euros per km. Unlimited mileage applies for rentals of 7 days or more.

Motohire Spain reserves the right to cancel a tour up to 30 days prior to tour start if an insufficient number of tour participants have booked by that time. In this case, the customers will be notified forthwith. Motohire Spain will offer an alternative tour or date. If customers do not accept an alternative tour or date then Motohire Spain will refund their deposit in full. Motohire Spain is not liable for any additional costs or losses that may be incurred by the tour participant due to the tour cancellation. This includes, but is not limited to, any extra hotel reservations or car rentals, or the cost of non-refundable airline tickets. Situations may arise which, in our opinion, make it necessary for us to cancel, advance or postpone a scheduled tour, change itineraries or make substitutions regarding hotels, cities, tour guides and other travel arrangements. This may be due to several reasons, not limited to but including, war, adverse weather conditions, riots, pandemics and / or matters concerning participant safety, operational circumstances such as bike theft, or damage caused by fire. In these events, we do not assume responsibility or liability for any resulting losses, expenses or inconvenience.


The rider/hirer agrees NOT TO:

  1. a) Allow any other person than the authorized persons named in the booking form to use the motorcycle.
    b) Allow such authorised persons to drive the motorcycle if he, she or they are banned from driving or if he, she or they or they do not possess a valid driver’s license or are incapable of driving.
    c) Drive the motorcycle if he, she or they are banned from driving or if he/she does not possess a valid driver’s license.
    d) Use the motorcycle in a condition unsuitable for driving.
    e) Use the motorcycle for any commercial or non-general touring purposes.
    f ) Use the motorcycle if not supervised or under the guidance of Motohire Spain staff
    g) Use the motorcycle off-road unless supervised or under the guidance of Motohire Spain staff.
    h) Use the motorbike as security or sell the motorcycle or dispose of the motorcycle or its parts, equipment, accessories and documents in any way that could infringe the rights of ownership of the rightful owner of the motorcycle.
    i) Park the motorcycle on the road during the night, or in a dangerous position during the day.
    j) Use the motorcycle for any trips not authorized, or any trips away from the touring group, or any trips out of the country of hire without the express agreement of Motohire Spain staff in writing.

If the rider does not comply with local traffic laws or the requirements for group travel as stipulated by Motohire Spain staff, the contract may be cancelled and the rental motorcycle is withdrawn. If Motohire Spain staff thinks any rider is driving in a way that can harm the rider, passenger or any other tour participants or bystanders then they reserve the right to caution the rider and/or cancel the contract and secure the rental motorcycle. If the customer is using their own bike then in these circumstances to protect the other tour members we may exclude the offending rider from the tour and withdraw all guiding, backup and tour services from them. Any fines or prosecutions will be the responsibility of the offending party. Your safety is of the utmost importance.

Any photos and film or videos taken by Motohire Spain whilst on tour remain the copyright of Motohire Spain. You also agree that we may use this material for any purpose, including our newsletter, or in advertising and marketing material, including images in which individual tour members can be recognized.

The customer is responsible for complying with the above regulations and any consequences resulting from non-compliance. You and your passenger(s) need a passport that covers you in the countries you are travelling to. Please check with the relevant embassy, but a standard UK, EC, US, Australian etc passport is fine for all the countries we visit. Your passport should expire at least 6 months after your trip finishes. Please also bring your travel insurance documents. For riders please also bring your full motorbike license. An International Drivers Permit is also recommended, obtainable from the Post Office or the AA.

For riders using their own motorbikes please bring your logbook (V5), insurance and valid green insurance card. If you have any difficulties in obtaining a green card please let us know, as we will be able to assist. In many cases, it is possible to purchase local insurance at each country’s border.

Please consult your doctor for up to the minute advice on any health precautions, jabs and boosters you may require.

We are responsible for providing the services listed in the tour brochure and our website, where it is within our control. We carefully select and regularly monitor our contractors, such as hotels and restaurants. Motohire Spain is responsible for carefully planning all travel and tour preparations. Motohire Spain is not responsible or liable for any accidents. We reserve the right without prior notice to withdraw any part or all of a tour and to make such changes as may be deemed necessary. Furthermore, it is agreed by the participants that the owners, operators and agents of this tour including Motohire Spain are not the guardians of any customers’ safety and that they, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in which might result in illness, injury, death or other damage to the customer, his property, or his family, heirs, or assigns. The liability of Motohire Spain as the tour operator is limited to a total of two times the tour price irrespective of the title/claim.

Motohire Spain reserves the right to amend the tour schedule. This may be due to several reasons, not limited to but including, war, adverse weather conditions, Force Majeure, riots and / or matters concerning participants’ safety, operational circumstances such as motorcycle theft or damage caused by fire. In these circumstances the itinerary such as the tour routing, attractions and hotels may need to be adjusted accordingly. This may also mean a tour finishing earlier or later than planned. Motohire Spain is not liable for any additional costs or losses that may be incurred by the tour participant due to changes of schedule. This includes, but is not limited to, any extra hotel reservations or car rentals, or the cost of non-refundable airline tickets. Situations may arise which in our opinion make it necessary to alter the normal schedule of the tour, change itineraries or make changes regarding hotels, cities, tour guides or other travel arrangements. We advise that your travel insurance covers holiday curtailment.

Motohire Spain usually enjoys pleasant weather during its tours. Weather conditions can be unpredictable and can change quickly and significantly. Motohire Spain cannot be made liable for unpleasant or unsuitable weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions.

Motohire Spain recommends that you take out adequate travel insurance, including cover for medical treatment, accidents and repatriation, and holiday cancellation and curtailment.

Changes to the contract that may be agreed orally, will not be valid unless confirmed in writing by Motohire Spain.

Motohire Spain reserves the right to correct any printing or typing errors, omissions or calculation mistakes at any time.

Should a participant feel that the organisers have not met their obligations it should first be brought to the attention of the accompanying leading tour guide. If however, the participant is not completely satisfied, any further comments should be put in writing, within 14 days of your return, specifying the tour identity and dates, and nature of the complaint to The country of Jurisdiction shall be Spain.

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